About Us

Welcome to a world of rejuvenating experience

What started out as a caring mother years of frustration in finding the right shampoo for her 10 year old daughter’s unique hair texture, lead to her own research and discovery of a unique mixture of natural ingredients. That experience proved to not only provide superior wash and conditioning, but astonishing growth support while preventing dandruff and detangling. Her tireless efforts lead to the formulation of a unique formula so powerful that she decided to take this self-discovery to the next level. Today, we are glad that our friends, family and the world can share in this renewed and rejuvenating experience in superior hair care and treatment. We proudly source natural¬† ingredients including a mixture of potent essential oils for a fortified advanced formula. Today, it is also a crowning achievement that we have reached a milestone of zero animal testing as well as paraben free products. Welcome to Clara’s Organic Golden, the true essence of health and beauty finesse with affordability, ultimate comfort and quality in mind. Give our products a try and we are unequivocally certain that your experience will be worthwhile and pleasant. Thank you!


Affordability, Quality & Comfort

Our Argan Oil + Essential Oils Shampoo comes in a whopping 500 ml family-size bottle that will last for a very long time. We are very proud of the many unique and advanced formulas infused for the ultimate care, conditioning, and strengthening of the hair. This hopefully should be your "go to" shampoo! With other natural ingredients and added benefits, our shampoo not only leaves hair so beautiful with scintilating luster and shine, but nourishing with superior conditionaing, hair growth support and detangling.